Ti:Sapphire Ultrafast Amplifiers
Proven highest uptimes for industrial and laboratory environments
>3.5 mJ
130 fs
1-10 kHz
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  • Smallest high energy (>3.5 mJ) ultrafast amplifier on the market
  • Choice of integrated fiber oscillator or broadband Ti:Sapphire oscillator
  • Output pulse duration at 130 fs
  • 10 kHz operation (Integra-C.X)
  • High contrast >1000:1
  • Excellent beam profile M2 < 1.3
  • Energy stability < 0.5% RMS
  • Ideal for the following applications:
    • OPA Pumping: Best energy stability, beam quality, and beam pointing stability for highest OPA/harmonic conversion efficiency
    • Transient Absorption Spectroscopy: Highest pointing & energy stabilities for low noise white-light (probe) generation
    • Ultrafast Micromachining: Highest quality processing of any material; designed to accommodate fixed or scanning beam delivery systems


  • Advanced laser control electronics Laser Control Unit
  • Easy connectivity
  • Integrated delay generator
  • 6-channel timing (one already dedicated to Pockels cell)
  • Powerful laser control software
    • Runs on Windows-based OS (XP and newer)
    • Monitoring and display of real-time laser parameters
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Control of Pump Laser: current, frequency, trigger mode
    • Control of Amplifier: pulse energy, pulse duration